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Death Coil Buff - From soaking wet noodle to al dente!
ES got a 15% buff! hello 230k :d
Gotta have something to do for 15 levels of random dungeon queues that only give you Gnomer :p
So apparently there is a new hidden boss in Gnomeregan. That's something
crit for 800k tho

Nythendra Nullified!

Mookaduka a posted Oct 15, 16

After tweaking how we handled the MC's, Nythendra went down without too much issue.  We had some superb players step up and fill key spots for the raid on this kill, as we were down a tank and two healers.  Hopefully it's even easier next time with the main players!

Tanks: Dushift, Viperx

Healers: Darkerworg, Exquizet, Faellx, Nikyre, Ninh

Melee: Bellasaer, Dhays, Felixzero, Ichimasu, Melisan, Olarienn, Soldiah

Ranged: Ailylia, Elycee, Junkr, Mookaduka, Naltharion, Torag

Next on our agenda is Elerethe, who we managed to get to 50% on multiple occasions on Thursday.  We have some plans set up to help mitigate the mechanic that was wiping us (Violent Winds) already in place, with alternative plans also ready to go.  Hopefully Elerethe falls next week!

It took us about 2.5 weeks to get through Heroic Emerald Nightmare (within our originally stated goal of 3 weeks to clear it before Legion launched).  I am very proud of the effort the guild has put forth in getting through Heroic this quickly, as we have NEVER progressed this quickly through a Heroic raid before in the entire history of our guild.

Tanks: Astaroth, Dushift, Viperx

Healers: Darkerworg, Exquizet, Mortis, Nikyre, Ninh

Melee: Bellasaer, Dhays, Drakoth, Dkthemaximus, Felixzero, Ichimasu, Lightcatcher, Melisan, Mokogorken, Olarienn, Shreddead, Soldiah, Widdleton

Ranged: Ailylia, Elycee, Junkr, Mookaduka, Naltharion, Torag

Now the real challenge begins with what we've prepared for all this time.  Let's hope we can keep up the momentum into and through Mythic.  I am setting a goal for us to be at least 3/7M by the time Trials of Valor releases in 7.1 (most likely right after Blizzcon).

So recently, I've made some updates to the DAWN Loot System for Legion that will hopefully smooth out some problems that the system has had in the past.  I'm going to list those updates to the system here, that way everyone is aware on how the system is working.  The updated rules will also be in the official guild rules charter in the near future.

1. Raids Since Last Upgrade Detriment Prevention During Slow Progression

Typically, with the equation I have set up on the Raids Since Last Upgrade portion of the loot score, your Raids Since Last Upgrade bonus begins to decrease (instead of increase) after exceeding ~9.0 to prevent people holding their position on the list for a specific piece whilst also passing up on other obvious upgrades for themselves.  This is no different in Legion.  However, there is a new exception to this for Emerald Nightmare and beyond.

If the raid has not killed a NEW progression boss in over nine raids, your effective Raids Since Last Upgrade bonus will cap at 9.0, and not begin to detriment your score after exceeding this value.  It will still increase as time goes on, but the increase will not make your Loot Score go up or down.

2. New Parse Bonus Added

Up until now, DAWN did not take into account any player's individual performance during our raids.  Now, it will.  I have added a new Parse Bonus to each player's Loot Score which is a flat bonus of 0-10 point to your Loot Score that you obtain as follows.

The Parse Bonus will take into account each DPS's and Tank's WEIGHTED damage and each Healer's healing from the guild parses posted on  

For DPS and Tanks, your Parse Bonus will be determined by looking at your weighted damage (to prevent meter padding for extra bonus points) from each encounter the guild has done in the current raid/difficulty we are progressing through (Heroic Emerald Nightmare, Mythic Emerald Nightmare, Heroic Nighthold, etc.).  The equation will look at your median percentile (by ilvl bracket) for each encounter you have individually done, and then take the average of all your encounter medians.  That final average overall percentile divided by 10 is your Parse Bonus.

For Healers, your Parse Bonus will be determined by looking at your healing from each encounter the guild has done in the current raid/difficulty we are progressing through (Heroic Emerald Nightmare, Mythic Emerald Nightmare, Heroic Nighthold, etc.).  The equation will look at your median percentile (by ilvl bracket) for each encounter you have individually done, and then take the average of all your encounter medians.  That final average overall percentile divided by 10 is your Parse Bonus.

I understand if there are any concerns from anyone about this new added bonus.  You could argue it could perpetuate some sort of "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer," environment, but the bonus on average is typically only going to be ~5 points on top of your original score, which isn't system breaking in the grand scheme of things.  Other things such as the last time you got an upgrade and attendance still play a much larger factor. 

For Tanks, I chose weighted damage over warcraftlogs's KRSI tank rating score for the simple fact that KRSI measures "how spikey" a tank's damage taken is.  The smoother the damage, the higher the KRSI rating.  Because of the nature of its measurement, KRSI tends to score certain tank specializations very poorly (such as Blood Death Knights).  Also, Blizzard has stated that a tank who does "good damage" should also be considered a good tank, as typically the more damage you deal as a tank now in Legion, the more resources you have to spend on surviving.  

For Healers, I understand if there's concern on your average median parse compared to DPS and Tanks, as a Healer's effective healing parse can greatly vary depending on how many healers the group is currently using.  From my analysis on logs of our healers vs. DPS during Hellfire Citadel, the percentiles seemed pretty even across the two groups so it should be fine to use healing.  If for some reason we see a large gap between the two however, we might have to add a small handicap of 1-2 points to the Healers' scores to help them out if we're constantly using five healers on encounters whilst every other guild is using three or something.

3. Dual Profiles Available Now for All Raiders (Not Just Hybrids)

If you take a look at the DAWN Loot Sheet, you should see each character has two profiles now listed instead of just one.  This is to enable people to have a profile for their secondary stat bonuses for both their main specialization and offspec.  Everyone's dual profiles will still be treated just like all of our officially declared hybrid profiles before, however.  So, if you take one piece of loot (no matter if its your offspec or main spec) it will reset your Raids Since Last Upgrade score.  

One last note about each player's offspec profile.  All offspec profiles are effectively worth 1/2 of your main spec's.  This is to ensure main specs almost always have priority, unless there's a main spec who is a trial and has terrible attendance or something (at that point I'm not quite sure why they're still in the raid).  

4. Mythic and Non-Mythic Raider Split

Since I've started getting requests from some raiders that they wish to help out, but can't really commit to Mythic full time for one reason or another, I have created a split in the profiles for this reason.  If you are in the main top section, you will 100% of the time get loot priority over someone listed in the Non-Mythic Raider section of the loot list.  The people in the Non-Mythic section of the list you will probably most often see helping out in Mythic+ dungeons and Sunday Raids so that they can keep pace with everyone else's gear when it comes time for them to be needed in our Mythic raids every once in awhile.  These people in that section of the list can also of course always graduate to the Mythic section of the loot list if their circumstances changes and they can commit to Mythic full time.

5. Buff to Sunday Bonus

To help encourage players to show up to Sunday Raids more often, the Sunday Raid Bonus will now be buffed from a +0.1 to your Raids Since Last Upgrade score, to +0.5.  During our first couple weeks while we are trying to push through Heroic Emerald Nightmare quickly so we can progress into Mythic Emerald Nightmare, this bonus will be doubled to +1.0 to help incentivize players showing up to Sunday Raids.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments here, or message me in game or whatever.  


8/2 Guild Meeting Notes

Mookaduka a posted Aug 3, 16

1. Warlords Wrap Up
-Finished top 2600 in the world, top 700 US
-Compared to our West Ranking in T16: 6253, massive improvement (top 5% instead of top 16%)
-A lot of success attributed to:
-Maintaining a strong core of raiders within the guild
-Being selective about our recruits
-Keeping a very controlled low drama culture
-Helping one another when we might not be performing well
-Strong healing and tank core
-Lack of success in certain areas attributed to:
-Lack of outside raid preparation from some raid members
-Raiders not knowing when they aren't performing well
-Members showing up late to raid/no shows
-Attempting to sometimes point the finger at things such as gear or talent builds when problems were elsewhere
-Lack of verbal communication at times during encounters
-Tunnel Vision
-Letting frustration get to our heads
-Weak DPS (due to both performance and raid composition)
-What we can do to fix our weaknesses:
-Ensure people research encounters/class mechanics ahead of time
-Making sure we have people playing similar roles/specs as others looking at what others are doing to perform well
-Ensure people arrive to raid on time
-Remind people that if that have an important role to play in an encounter, to communicate with the rest of the team midfight
-Improving UIs

2. Guild Changes in Legion
-Loot system
-If I do not know where you're at come 8:00, you do not get counted for attendence, no exceptions.
-Loot system will be PROPERLY adjusted so that when we aren't progressing very quickly raids since last upgrade won't be a detriment to your score like now
-Trash drops and Personal Items that aren't upgrades
-We will be treating these as if they dropped off a boss now for when others are taking them, which means they affect loot score
-Personal upgrades via trash drops and bonus rolls still won't count towards loot score
-BoE's that are not needed by anyone in the raid group will no longer be immediately sold on the ah, but be vaulted for potential future guild use instead
-The BoE's could still be sold if we need the money for repairs
-PUGs will also no longer receive gear unless it's going into the garbage
-Raid Performance
-I will be working to help try and simplify information in regards to raid tactics and strategies for people to more easily digest
-Going into raid encounters with multiple strategies already in mind might help if plan A or B doesn't work for a certain fight
-To help individuals perform better, people playing the same class/spec/role should talk to one another at least once a week for a few min on how to improve their performance in fights
-ie. All of the Ret paladins or warlocks could chat for 15min after a raid or whenever looking over logs together to see what they can do to better improve themselves
-If no one else in the guild plays your spec, see me or a raiding advisor on assistance with improving your performance if needed. Otherwise, look to forums or outside sources.
-Officer Adjustments
-New Raiding Advisors, will play more of a role in helping me develop strategies for raid encounters and helping others' performance.
-New Guild Bank Manager: Farewell?
-Webmaster Officer role gone
-I will assume role as Lootmaster once again, Lootmaster Officer role removed.
-Introduction of Officer Emeritus rank: where officers go to retire. No responsibilities.

3. Main Spec Selection for Legion
-Start with most veteran players in the guild by months of active raiding service.
-If you are changing to a class/spec you have not historically played, please try and convince us why you want to play that spec/class.
-You can't take another person's role (ie. being main tank) without that person's consent.

4. Professions in Legion
-Responsible for making potions, flasks/cauldrons (cauldrons are BoA)
-Making gear for plate wearers, along with throwaway gear for disenchanters and Obliterum, (mention Obliterum here)
-Making enchants for necks, rings, cloaks, and gloves (glove enchants are profession boosters for gatherers)
-Responsible for maxing out their reaves
-Get all the herbs (especially Yseraline Seeds, Starlight Rose, and Felwort)
-Responsible for making Darkmoon cards, Tomes/Codexs for Talent Swapping
-Responsible for making necklaces and rings, and cutting gems (Prospecting is back)
-Responsible for making gear for leather/mail wearers, along with throwaway gear for disenchanters and Obliterum
-Get all the ore (especially Infernal Brimstone)
-Get all the hide
-Responsible for making gear for cloth wearers, along with throwaway gear for disenchanters and Obliterum
-Fishing and Cooking
-2ndary professions, but still very important (can do them without ever doing cooking/fishing)

5. Profession Selection in Legion
-Start with most veteran players like before.
-We will want to make sure we have a proper balance of people including gatherers.

6. The first 4 weeks of Legion
Week 1:
-Level to 110
-Get all relevant artifacts
-Ensure world quests are unlocked and do daily cache quests
-Start clearing all 3 world bosses (weekly)
-Start grinding Order hall resources
-Start attunement quest for Suramar dungeons
-Start profession stuff

Week 2:
-Finish getting attuned to Suramar dungeons
-Get most of your order hall resource farming out of the way
-Start clearing heroic dungeons (or mythic even)
-Get all artifact weapons to level 13 (pretty easy to do)

Week 3:
-Ensure you're clearing all 10 mythic dungeons a week for gear
-Focus on your main artifact and boost it shoot for lvl 19-20
-Start hitting professions a bit harder

Week 4:
-Finish your order hall campaign
-Hit the profession stuff really hard, ensure that your checklist is complete
-Monday for raids begin: Crafted night. Meeting up in Dalaran trade district for ensuring everyone is covered in 850+ gear.

7. Going into T19
-Raids will still be Tues/Thurs/Optional Sunday with an initial exception
-For as long as we are in Heroic Emerald Nightmare, we will be pushing Heroic Nightmare Tues/Thurs/Sun until we hit Mythic.
-Goal for reaching Mythic Nightmare is 3 weeks of heroic progression
-Once we reach Mythic Nightmare, we will continue to do optional Heroic Nightmare on Sundays
-Normal is out of the question due to the fact that Normal drops 850 gear
-Sunday raids during Heroic Progression will be optional but you are encouraged to attend (hint hint: show up if you can)
-Mythic+ Dungeon Groups
-To get people going in Mythic+ Dungeons, we will be forming Mythic+ dungeon groups out of the guild to help give you initiative in doing them
-Teams will be up within a day on the guild site
-Goal will be to meet up at least once a week with your team to do Mythic+ dungeons
-Reason for this is to prevent situations to happen where people feel left out of Mythic+ dungeon runs
-I will try and keep groups of friends together and teams balanced.

Bellasaer a Week 1 raid team goal: Beat Junkr to level 110. Think you're a bad enough dude to rescue the president?
Ailylia "6. The first 4 weeks of Legion Week 1: -Level to 100" I'm going to go the extra mile and exceed...

Apparently my last post about this disappeared completely, so here's a new one:

Tuesday, July 26th: Pre-Legion HFC run.  PLEASE COME TO RAID WITH UI'S READY AND KNOWING HOW YOUR CLASS/SPEC FUNCTIONS.  This is your raid to experiment with things in a raid environment, so take advantage of it.  We will also be trying to get Shadowraven her mount again in BRF before going into HFC this night.

Tuesday, August 2nd: Pre-Legion Meeting.  This will be where we will have our main spec draft, balancing professions throughout the guild, etc.  It is VERY important you make this meeting.  So if you want to raid in Legion, please come to this meeting if you can.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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